Heat recovery from a ventilation system

Fresh Warm Air For Your Home

The system works by using heated air from within the property to heat incoming fresh air thus providing a fresh warm air throughout the property.

Whilst opening a window provides fresh air it also allows warm air to escape and so energy is wasted as the fresh incoming air then has to be reheated.

Climate Control At Your Fingertips

How does it work?

Thermostat on wall

Warm air from the room is drawn into the system and the heat is extracted into an exchange system. 

Cool fresh air from outside is then drawn into the system and heated using the exchange system, it is then pumped back into the room.

Is it right for my property?

Thermostat on wall

Heat ventilation systems can be fitted in almost any room and work particularly well in modern houses, which often have minimal natural ventilation.

An open window allows in noise, pollen and potential security issues but the heat ventilation system removes all of these problems.

What are the benefits?

Thermostat on wall

The system can be fitted with a pollen filter which can remove allergens from the incoming air, thus making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

The system makes use of already heated air to warm the incoming air thus reducing the heating bills for the property.

In the summer months the system can work in reverse by drawing warm air out of the property and replacing it with cool night air.

The system can reduce humidity within a building so reducing fungal growth or damage from damp.

What size would I need?

Thermostat on wall

The system is built to work in range of room sizes, it is space saving and has a simple neutral design.

It can either be free standing or it can be mounted onto the wall.

We have a range of options that we can talk you through and help you to choose the system that best suits your needs.

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