Central Heating Power Flushing Radiators

Prolong The Life Of Your Heating System

Power Flushing is a process whereby water is flushed through the hot water heating system in order to remove any debris/sludge within the system thus allowing the sytem to run more effectively.

Debris in your heating system can make it noisy and can also cause damage to your boiler.

Improving The Efficiency Of Your Heating

How do I know if I need this done?

Flushing element from a central heating system

Before we start any job we like to ensure that the work actually needs to be done.  We will thoroughly check your heating system and advise you if a power flush is needed.

A power flush is highly effective on newer systems where the debris in the system is quite limited. 

The debris in an older system might not be removed by a power flush or may need additional chemicals added, so we will always throughly inspect your system to make sure that you get the service that you need.

Will it cause a mess?

Flushing element from a central heating system

The power flush is carried out by our highly trained team and we always ensure that our work causes the minimum of disruption.

The power flush shoud not cause any mess within your property as we used specialist equipment to seal the water within the heating system whilst we complete the flush.

What are the benefits?

Flushing element from a central heating system

As the debris is removed from your heating system during the flush it will mean that this debris will no longer be in your radiators, which will mean that they are now able to produce heat more effectively.

Debris within a heating system will eventually work its way through to the boiler causing damage, so removing the debris will prolong the life of your boiler.

Noises within a heating system are often caused by debris blocking/narrowing pipes so a power flush can help to reduce these noises.

How long will it last?

Flushing element from a central heating system

A power flush will need to be repeated every 5 years.

We can offer advice and additional products such as chemical cleaners which help to reduce the need for power flushes in the future and prolong the lifetime of your heating system.

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