Coiled heating pipe laid out on ground ready to be buried

Environmentally Friendly Hot Water Supply

This system works by using heat that is stored within the earth to heat water pipes that are laid around your property.  The earth stays at a fairly consistent temperature so it is able to provide heat throughout the year.

The system makes use of natural heat within the earth and uses some electricity to power the system.

Heating From The Ground Beneath Your Feet

How does it work?

Digging piping into ground

A mixture of water and anti freeze is passed through pipes which run in a loop under ground.  The mixture is warmed by the heat in the ground and this heat is transferred through a heat exchange system to the heating system within your home.

The system can be used to provide hot water for your home, underfloor heating systems or your radiators.

Is it suitable for my property?

Digging piping into ground

Ground source heat pumps will work in most properties with sufficient land to install the system.  It is best suited to homes with underfloor heating or very large radiators.

The system can either be laid in a loop horizontally or it be installed by drilling a hole and installing the system vertically.

What are the benefits?

Ground Source Heat Pumps

The system makes use of heat within the earth which is free and only needs a limited amount of electricity to power the heat exchange system.

The amount of C02 produced is significantly less than conventional heating systems.

There is minimal maintenance required for the system and it could reduce your heating bills when compared to electrical heating systems.

Maintenance and Planning

Ground Source Heat Pumps

There is minimal maintenance required for the system and most heat pumps can last up to 10 years.

Ground source heat pumps are generally allowed within the 'permitted developments' for most properties but it is always best to check with your local authority espicially if you live within a conservation area or have a listed building.

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