Central Heating Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping your central heating working through the winter months

Central Heating Maintenance and Repairs

Why you should get your hot water system serviced?

  • Maintaining your heating system through regular servicing can add years to the life of the system and save you hundreds of pounds.
  • A faulty heating system can place you and your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Making sure that heating system works means that you can avoid expensive emergency call out costs for a breakdown and we guarantee all of our workmanship including parts.

We are able to undertake many different types of repairs and offer a wide range of maintenance packages designed to suit your heating system.

Please contact us if your heating system needs to be repaired or would benefit from a service.

What Heating Maintenance Can You Do At Home?

Fit a carbon monoxide detector

Fitting a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is an odourless gas that is released by the incomplete burning of natural gas.  Poisoning occurs when you breathe the gas in and it enters your bloodstream replacing the oxygen.  The lack of oxygen in your bloodstream then causes damage to all major organs.

Fit a carbon monoxide detector near your gas using system at least 15cm from the ceiling and 1 metre from the system.  It can rest on a shelf or be attached to the wall.

Bleed your radiators

Fitting a carbon monoxide detector

When air enters your heating system it makes your radiators less effective.

In order to remove this air you can use a radiator key or screwdriver to open the valve on each radiator and allow the air to escape.  When water starts to come out of the radiators you need to close the valve.  Finally check the pressure on your boiler and top this up if needed using the boiler filling loop.

Always bleed your radiators when the heating system is turned off.

Draught proof your home

Fitting a carbon monoxide detector

No matter how effective your heating system might be if you have draughts in your property then you will be paying more than you need.

Draughts around doors and windows can be blocked simply using self adhesive foam strips or plastic strips with brushes attached.

Draughts from chimmneys and fireplaces can be solved using draught excluders sold at local DIY stores.

If you have a large number of draughts then it might be better to call in professional help, we can recommend local companies.