Energy Saving Advice

Helpful Energy Saving Advice to Reduce Your Energy Costs

How can you reduce your energy bills?

In the UK we face the prospect of ever increasing energy costs in our homes for our heating and hot water requirements.

There are a number of simple ways that you can reduce your annual energy costs.  Click on and read our 8 top tips below.

We are able to help with a wide range of energy saving heating solutions.  

Please ask us about our current recommended products for your property.


1. Ensure that your heating system is efficient

Replace your boiler with a high efficiency gas or oil condensing boilers.
Install solar thermal panels or solar photovoltaic panels to harness low cost energy from the sun.
Use a heat recovery / ventilation system so you don't waste money heating fresh air.
Install ground source heat pumps to heat the water in your home using the heat from the ground.
A wind turbine can provide a low cost source of energy.

2. Have a properly designed and installed heating system

Having a properly designed system can be a highly effective cost saving solution.  The team at Westward can review your current system, then design and install a new system that is both cost effective, space saving and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Install electronic controls for your heating system

Having the correct controls to work your heating system is vitally important.  There are now a range of heating controls to suit your needs ranging from basic controls through to wifi systems that you can control from anywhere in the world.

4. Use a weather compensation system

A weather compensation system involves having a small sensor fitted outside of the property which monitors the temperature and uses this to alter the heating system within the house.  On a warm day the sensor reduces the heating system output automatically thus meaning that energy isn't wasted over heating a property.

5. Insulate all of the work pipe work around your property

Poorly insulated pipes allow the water to cool quicker (by as much as 5°C) meaning that you end up turning up your boiler and using more energy.  A pipe which is not insulated is also at risk of freezing and bursting during the winter which can cause thousands of pounds of damage to a property.

6. Insulate all domestic hot water storage vessels

Any hot water storage tanks need to be well insulated in order to work efficiently.  There are a range of insulation solutions available such as hot water jackets, reflective foil and spray foam coatings.  We have a range of products that we can sugges to help you.

7. Yearly high quality maintenance & servicing

Getting your heating system serviced on a regular basis will extend the lifetime of the product and will offer you peace of mind.  We have a range of servicing and maintenance packages depending on the needs of you and your heating system.

8. Upgrade your existing system to incorporate new technology

You may not need a complete new heating system but some simple additions can make a big difference.  Ensuring that your radiators are working effectively and your thermostat is using the most modern technology can save a lot of money off your yearly energy bill.